The Dead Doctor

First, who is the Dead Doctor?

The Dead Doctor is Dr. R. U. Pickman, modern times mad scientist and lover of everything morbid and horror-themed. And on this blog, or the Dead Doctors Diary, I will share my opinion about the art, music, movies and other stuff that please me.

I do only review stuff that I really have or things I really have to do with. I do not and will not copy the opinions of third parties. And I will always say what I really think, no matter what. My opinion can not be bought.

Do you have any comments or informations about anything, that could be interresting for me?

Do you want your piece of art or music reviewed by the Doctor?

Do you have any other piece of horror that you want to be introduced here?

Do you want to get in touch with me for any other reason?

Just write to


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