The Happiest Place On Earth.


Yep, we’re talking about the Happiest Place On Earth, which is no other than Pacific Playland. You’ve heard about it, but now there’s a new attraction to hear when you go there.

Beloved Ghouls, nasty Fiends and other rotting funlovers, step right up, join the fun and come to hear the latest attraction, the new CD of Cirus Rhapsody.

The CD is a mix of a roller coaster, a bumper car ride and a ferris wheel for your ears. It’s got ups and downs but never gets boring. It takes your mind to places… eerie places… wicked places…

Mostly the songs stick to the standard Horror Rock / Horror Punk standards. Punk Rock riffs, bunch of „Wohooo“ backing vocals and so on and so forth.

Oh, wait, I already can hear you nag: So it’s just another typical Horror Punk record like we’ve had hundreds before….

Nope, it is NOT! Circus Rhapsody took the whole thing some steps further. This piece of music is clearly influenced by american Punk Rock (like Green Day) and more experimental stuff (like System Of A Down or Viza). Sounds weird to you? Sounds fucking great to me. Those guys know how to give a shit about standards and taking the whole thing to a new level. Not only they’re playing sounds way off that typical Horror Punk thing, they also use instruments that nobody expected. I mean really, would you have expected an accordion on a Horror Punk record? I wouldn’t!!!! But your humble host, the Dead Doctor, has news for you. IT SOUNDS FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!

My personal favourite on this piece is… hard to find. Ok, Talk to the Dead is some kind of a favourite, but not the only one. The whole record is awesome!!!

But hey, we’re talking about Pacific Playland, so there’s got to be more than just an awesome record. AND THERE IS.

This record comes with two different covers, one for boys (shown below) and one for girls (go, check yourself). And I don’t mean only the front cover, I mean the whole thing. Different colours, different design. LOVELY!

All in all your beloved Dead Doctor can only recommend this CD to you. Go, get it, buy it, don’t rip or steal it!!!! This band deserves all the support it can get. I am already looking for more….

Join the Circus Rhapsody ride at Pacific Playland!!!!!



Dr. Hell – When I Was Just A Little Ghoul


Ok, beloved Ghouls, Franconia has more to offer than the well known Dead United or your favourite THEM!. Franconia also has Dr. Hell, a bunch of cheeky young punk rockers from Bloody Island.

So, let’s talk about another pack of rockres from the New Breed Of German Horror Punk. Your humble host, the Dead Doctor, has been listening to their selfreleased debut „When I Was Just A Little Ghoul“ and to put it in simple words, he liked it.

Dr. Hell offer a pretty upright sound, harsh punk rock riffs, straight rythms and raspy vocals. They do not stay with complex tunes and they don’t linger on playful ingredents. They simply march their way on a direct line to their destination, and this destination seems to be the hellish eclipse of rock’n’roll.

If you go and see them, do not expect any kittenish guitar solo or tricky drum fills, expect what it is: A straightforwart kick in your face with a heavy boot called Rock’n’Roll.
Make sure not to miss them, if you have the chance.

The Dead will return, the whole world will burn!

What is Horror Punk?


Let’s solve a puzzle none has solved yet… if we dare…

What is Horror Punk?

Well, this ist what Wikipedia says: Horror punk (sometimes called horror rock) is a music genre that mixes gothic and punk rock sounds with morbid or violent imagery and lyrics, which are often influenced by horror films or science fiction B-Movies. The genre is similar to and sometimes overlaps with deathrock, although deathrock leans more towards an atmospheric Gothic rock sound while horror punk leans towards a 1950s-influenced doo-wop and rockabilly sound. Horrorpunk music is typically more aggressive and melodic than deathrock.
Well, I am the Dead Doctor and not someone who has time to write articles on Wikipedia, so I have a completely different description:

Horror Punk contains the words HORROR, an old chthonian word that means „Hey, that movie with the guy/girl eaten by zombies/killed by weird monsters was really fun!“ and the word PUNK that is originally from a language that the great old ones and their leader, Cthulhu, spoke and that translates „I don’t give a wet fuck about your rules, I do what I like!“

So basically it is nearly any kind of Rock’n’Roll music with eerie and gory lyrics. You can do punk rock, rockabilly, psychobilly, something close to metal or even goth rock and mix it with a singing style like Glenn Danzig, Pete Steele, Lemmy or goddamn Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Anything that suits your sound. Then you spice it up with some weird, spooky costumes and make up and there you are.

But why is there so many people that are trying to tell everybody what the true Horror Punk is?

Well, it is the same thing like with heavy metal. All people are equal, but some are more equal than others! Some people just need to troll about what is the only truth in this or that or whatever.

Does that mean that your band is not horrorpunk because you don’t sing like Glenn Danzig? Nope, it just means you simply can’t please everybody.

Here is my advice: If everybody in your band is pleased with your music and your audience and fans are too but there is still a few who aren’t, WHO CARES? You don’t have to sound like the Misfits, like Blitzkid or any other better known band. Your band has to sound like your band. It has to do the songs you want and not the ones anyone else wants.

Always remember, the old word PUNK translates: „I don’t give a wet fuck about your rules, I do what I like!“


Cooperation: A Key To Success?


Today, my beloved readers, your humble host has another topic that, in my insignificant opinion, should not be ignored.


Too many bands, bookers, artists and alike do not like to cooperate. They try to keep their little corner of the sandbox free from any stranger. They only care about themselves and their particular projects. They only let those in who are a sure shot, who really mean profit for their own project. And also they would NEVER EVER support anyone who is not known well enough. And still they ask for YOUR cooperation whenever you do something they are interrested in. Their „cooperation“ is simply business, nothing else. If you are not of any use, they would not piss on you when you’re on fire!

Ok, people, here is my questions. Are you for real? Is this really what you want?

But then there ist another type of people. They REALLY cooperate, they REALLY interact. They keep you informed about everything that could be of use for you.  They even REALLY bring you in when someone is looking for someone who is somehow like you. In short words they are rather acting as friends then businessmen.

THOSE are the people you should hold on to, no matter what! THOSE are the people you should assist when assistance is needed.

And keep in mind, you always meet people twice in life and those, who you threw shit on before, may somewhen be in a position to throw some of that shit back on you… So be careful who you piss off, it could be someone who stops your ride on the downward spiral!

How to piss wannabes off in one simple step…


Todays topic, my dearest readers, your humble host wants to talk about something he masters like only a few do. Pissing people off.

For the most people pissing people off is hard work. It takes a lot of time and action. And why? Because they still try to do it in a diplomatic and political correct way.

Me, your beloved Dead Doctor, I have found a faster and much more effective way. I have found a way to piss people of instantly! And it can be described in one single word:


Really, most people who, ask for an opinion, don’t really want an opinion. They want their own point of view to be verified. They are looking for somebody to tell them how great they are. They are not looking for a honest and constructive review on what they do, they are looking for groupies who will never disagree.

In reverse erverybody who tells them straight up that he sees something bad  in what they do, is automatically viewed as an enemy and instantly attacked.

Come on, people. Can’t you see that you’re making fools of yourself? How long will you go on in this manner before you wake up and see that you are surrounded by a bunch of asskissing idiots that in fact give a wet fuck about you and only want to stand close to you because they MIGHT take advantage of you some day. A place on the guest list for your next gig, a free merch pack, getting to know people that know people or simply the fact that there could be the moment when they say: I knew (insert name here) before they have been famous! I am a close friend to (insert name here)! I know a lot of stories about (insert name here).

So if you want to piss people off in an instant, just be honest. There will always be two advantages about being honest.

First: you will know right away if that person is really interested in your opinion or if he is just fishing for compliments.

Second: you will know pretty fast who is worth wasting your time and energy.

And believe me, the few out there who don’t only want to be pampered, are the ones who will really appreciate your time, energy and honest words!

New Breed Of German Horror-Punk


Ok, this is simply my view on things. And now I want to let you know what, in my humble opinion, the „New Breed Of German Horror-Punk“ is. But let’s not rush things… let’s start from the beginning.

In the beginning, there was the MISFITS. Yeah, I hear your voices yelling at me that there was other horror-themed bands before or in the same time… so what? THIS is MY Blog and I write it the way I want! Sorry, dude!

Ok, in the beginning, there was the MISFITS. Some teenagers that gathered to make some brutal music, spiced with that terrifying lyrics and evil looks. And man, they rocked the stage.

In germany there was… wait, let me think… Nothing! Well, maybe there was something, but most people never heard of it. After a while (the Misfits had split up already) the first Misfits coverbands showed up, played some gigs and vanished again. The musicians formed punk- or metalbands, some of those are pretty successful now. But Horror-punk? Errr… Nope!

Somewhen, at the and of the 20th century, the american Horrorpunk scene invaded germany more and more and in the beginning of this century the first Wave of german Horror-Punk bands was founded. A few have to be named like The Other, The Crimson Ghosts and The Fright. These are the bands who have paved the way for the new Breed. Also Labels have been founded in this first decade of the new undead century.

Now the first decade of this century has gone by. The bands of the first wave still exist, but a whole bunch of new bands have appeared. Those bands are, what your humble host calls them, the „New Breed of German Horror-Punk“! And man, what a variety of bands there ist. Angelstrife, Dr. Hell, Hellgreaser, THEM! or Johnny Flesh and the Redneck Zombies, just to name a few. And as diversified as the names are, the music is too. We have those who are more Deathrock, some are rather Punkabilly, some are classical Horrorpunk and some have Metal influences.

Your humble host promises you that it is REALLY FUCKING WORTH watching out for those bands. They are a promise for a really good time. They are out there to haunt your dreams and spook your life. And basically they are some kind of a weird and wicked family.

They are the NEW BREED OF GERMAN HORROR-PUNK, and it seems they’re here to stay.

Are you prepared?

Bookers, Clubs and other Vermin


Bookers, Clubs and other Vermin. Well, this is a problem all musicians know.

You are out there with your band, you wrote some great songs that not only the band and their girl-/boyfriends like, you produced a CD and have paid hard cash for it, you promote it wherever you can, maybe you even have been lucky enough to get support by a record label or alike. You feel, you are on the right way.

And suddenly they appear from out of nowhere. The Vermin, the Scavengers of music business.

First, the socalled Bookers or Promoters: They approach you in a really gentle way, start telling you they’ve heard about you and really would love to work with you. Tell you they just need a promo cd and then will get you gigs. Not only in small places, no, there is enough festivals they can bring you in.

Then there is also the Clubs: Same thing basically, but at least they don’t talk about festivals, just talking about their own locations.

So you as a musician, probably in a very young band, you try to get as many gigs as possible. You are ready to do nearly everything to get on the fucking stage. You don’t really care about profit, it would be enough when your expenses are paid. So what you do is what everybody would do. You send out your promo CD, which is basically the CD your band has produced for the hard cash that came straight out of your pockets.  And who ever has produced a CD before knows, that it really costs!

Good, what happens next?

In most cases you will hear NOTHING. Nobody is getting back to you, they mostly don’t even confirm that they got the CD. And when you ask them, the only thing you get is: „Yeah, got it, great stuff… I am sure we can work together soon! But don’t call me, I’ll call you! Promised!“ Oh REALLY?

Sometimes they get back to you. And here is what you get: „I just got your CD, great stuff… I am sure we can work together soon! But don’t call me, I’ll call you! Promised!“ Yeah, right!

And then there is that really, REALLY, REALLY small percentage of people who really get back to you and tell you right away if they are interested or not and who really get you gigs if they promised so. Or at least don’t promise anything. If you are one of these, please keep in mind that I am not talking about you!

For the other two types, here’s my question: WHY? Why are you doing this? Does it make you feel better or more important? Does it give you the feeling of having everything under control? Or is it simply for the free CD you get that could be really worth some money IF the band is successful? COME ON! REALLY?

Maybe YOU feel better, but try to see the other side. For us, the bands, it is expensive and fucking frustrating. It is not about the stuff we have sent out without being asked for it. It is about the stuff YOU asked from us! You haven’t been pleased with digital versions of the bands stuff, you wanted the real thing.

My final advice for you is: Try to be fair to the musicians you approach. Try to see their point of view. At least try to provide them with some information. And if you keep being an asshole, then PLEASE don’t be surprised if some of these frustrated bands show up to kick your teeth in….

With fiendish regards

The Dead Doctor!