Telling Horror Stories… the right way!


Circus Rhapsody – Telling Horror Stories

Do you Ghouls remember that time when your humble Doctor was praising band named Circus Rhapsody? Do you remember how much I liked it? Well, here’s the good news. THEY’RE BACK! And they’re bringing along a new record.

And what a record that is.

The variety in music and styles is still there. It was even taken a good step further than before. You‘ll find the „typical“ Horror Punk styled songs (like T.H.S.M.W.T.E.I.W.) and the beforementioned experimental tunes (Factory, Haunted House), but this time they also add some classic Rockabilly (Lovers Lane, Monster Inn) and something that sounds like it was influenced by irish folk (Winchester). Sounds weird? Again? Really? Come on, Ghouls, haven’t you read my last review? Good, then let me say it: IT IS AWESOME! It’s a rollercoaster of styles with a bunch of pretty unusual instruments. It’s like walking a carnival with al it’s different rides.

The whol thing gives us 21 new tunes, a great mix of great music and shitloads of fun.

So, if you didn’t listen to their music yet, I strongly recommend you take care about that. And don’t do it somewhen in the future, DO IT NOW. Otherwise you should not complain about Horror Punk being all the same.

And the best part is, the guys are touring at the moment, so go and see them, if you have the chance. Here’s the dates:

01.11. Köln – Luxor w/ Wednesday 13
02.11. Hamburg – Logo w/ Wednesday 13
03.11. Berlin – Msik & Frieden w/ Wednesday 13
04.11. Prag – Futurum w/ Wednesday 13
06.11. Potsdam – Archiv
07.11. Hannover – Monopol
12.11. Chemnitz – Subway to Peter
13.11. Prag(CZ) – Napa Underground
14.11. Salzburg(AUT) – Traxla
18.11. Leipzig – Manfred
19.11. Tübingen – LU 15
20.11. Lahr – Rößle
21.11. Zürich(CHE) – Neugasshof Rockbar
22.11. Duisburg – Asta Keller
23.11. Flensburg – Hinkelstein (unplugged)
24.11. Schleswig – FKKZ
25.11. Flensburg – Schipperklause
26.11. Hamburg – Lehmitz
27.11. Ibbenbüren – Scheune
28.11. Ahrensburg – JuKi 42




The Happiest Place On Earth.


Yep, we’re talking about the Happiest Place On Earth, which is no other than Pacific Playland. You’ve heard about it, but now there’s a new attraction to hear when you go there.

Beloved Ghouls, nasty Fiends and other rotting funlovers, step right up, join the fun and come to hear the latest attraction, the new CD of Cirus Rhapsody.

The CD is a mix of a roller coaster, a bumper car ride and a ferris wheel for your ears. It’s got ups and downs but never gets boring. It takes your mind to places… eerie places… wicked places…

Mostly the songs stick to the standard Horror Rock / Horror Punk standards. Punk Rock riffs, bunch of „Wohooo“ backing vocals and so on and so forth.

Oh, wait, I already can hear you nag: So it’s just another typical Horror Punk record like we’ve had hundreds before….

Nope, it is NOT! Circus Rhapsody took the whole thing some steps further. This piece of music is clearly influenced by american Punk Rock (like Green Day) and more experimental stuff (like System Of A Down or Viza). Sounds weird to you? Sounds fucking great to me. Those guys know how to give a shit about standards and taking the whole thing to a new level. Not only they’re playing sounds way off that typical Horror Punk thing, they also use instruments that nobody expected. I mean really, would you have expected an accordion on a Horror Punk record? I wouldn’t!!!! But your humble host, the Dead Doctor, has news for you. IT SOUNDS FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!

My personal favourite on this piece is… hard to find. Ok, Talk to the Dead is some kind of a favourite, but not the only one. The whole record is awesome!!!

But hey, we’re talking about Pacific Playland, so there’s got to be more than just an awesome record. AND THERE IS.

This record comes with two different covers, one for boys (shown below) and one for girls (go, check yourself). And I don’t mean only the front cover, I mean the whole thing. Different colours, different design. LOVELY!

All in all your beloved Dead Doctor can only recommend this CD to you. Go, get it, buy it, don’t rip or steal it!!!! This band deserves all the support it can get. I am already looking for more….

Join the Circus Rhapsody ride at Pacific Playland!!!!!


Dr. Hell – When I Was Just A Little Ghoul


Ok, beloved Ghouls, Franconia has more to offer than the well known Dead United or your favourite THEM!. Franconia also has Dr. Hell, a bunch of cheeky young punk rockers from Bloody Island.

So, let’s talk about another pack of rockres from the New Breed Of German Horror Punk. Your humble host, the Dead Doctor, has been listening to their selfreleased debut „When I Was Just A Little Ghoul“ and to put it in simple words, he liked it.

Dr. Hell offer a pretty upright sound, harsh punk rock riffs, straight rythms and raspy vocals. They do not stay with complex tunes and they don’t linger on playful ingredents. They simply march their way on a direct line to their destination, and this destination seems to be the hellish eclipse of rock’n’roll.

If you go and see them, do not expect any kittenish guitar solo or tricky drum fills, expect what it is: A straightforwart kick in your face with a heavy boot called Rock’n’Roll.
Make sure not to miss them, if you have the chance.

The Dead will return, the whole world will burn!

Graveyard Rodeo


Ok, beloved ghouls, all of you have heard about it, most of you have been there. So what is to say about the Graveyard Rodeo?

Well, your humble host, your beloved Dead Doctor, had the chance to play there, which is a double premiere because it was not only THEM! playing their premiere Graveyard Rodeo but also the event took place in Leipzig for the first time.

And it was simply great.

I am not going to talk about the bands who where, in simple words, brilliant. Alexx Sleaze, the founder and main organiser of that event, chose some really great artists to perform. Nobody expected less than that and he achieved success in every point.

What I want to talk about is the people being there. Everybody was kind, nobody, musician or not, showed any inappropriate attitude of any kind. Everybody was there for everybody. Even if the crowd did not rave in extacy with every band, they at least showed their respect and approval for what the artists did on the stage. The people selling merch took care for each other and it was all in all a great night.

I’d like to thank everybody who was there, everybody who brought this series of events to the next level, everybody who welcomed the artists, known or unknown.

And I pity all of those who haven’t been there… but hey, there will be another Graveyard Rodeo going on… don’t miss it!

Dead United Live


Yes, your humble host, the Dead Doctor, has been there, seen it. He has experienced the horrors spread by the bunch of fiends called Dead United.

What to say about those franconian freaks? First, they are cheeky as hell.

Dead United don’t give a wet fuck about convetions, they do it for the fun of it. They take the word PUNK in its true form. They mix their own songs with cover versions and are even not afraid to perform a really hot version of the well known Time Warp.

When performing live Dead United are like a really weird mix of classic Horror Punk and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, spiked with a good amount of insanity. Not only the band itself creeps the stage, no, they are accompanied by a bunch of henchmen, mummies and the well known Dr. Horror who leaves his wicked tomb for their shows.

Your beloved Dead Doctor knows that some voices are croaking about them not being „true“ Horrorpunks, but hey, who gives a fuck?

Dead United guarantee a good time filled with weird romance, blood, gore and ripped out bowels. If you get the cance to see them, move your rotting corpse out to watch and listen to that bunch of freaks rocking the stage!

Stay Ghoul

What is Horror Punk?


Let’s solve a puzzle none has solved yet… if we dare…

What is Horror Punk?

Well, this ist what Wikipedia says: Horror punk (sometimes called horror rock) is a music genre that mixes gothic and punk rock sounds with morbid or violent imagery and lyrics, which are often influenced by horror films or science fiction B-Movies. The genre is similar to and sometimes overlaps with deathrock, although deathrock leans more towards an atmospheric Gothic rock sound while horror punk leans towards a 1950s-influenced doo-wop and rockabilly sound. Horrorpunk music is typically more aggressive and melodic than deathrock.
Well, I am the Dead Doctor and not someone who has time to write articles on Wikipedia, so I have a completely different description:

Horror Punk contains the words HORROR, an old chthonian word that means „Hey, that movie with the guy/girl eaten by zombies/killed by weird monsters was really fun!“ and the word PUNK that is originally from a language that the great old ones and their leader, Cthulhu, spoke and that translates „I don’t give a wet fuck about your rules, I do what I like!“

So basically it is nearly any kind of Rock’n’Roll music with eerie and gory lyrics. You can do punk rock, rockabilly, psychobilly, something close to metal or even goth rock and mix it with a singing style like Glenn Danzig, Pete Steele, Lemmy or goddamn Riff Raff from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Anything that suits your sound. Then you spice it up with some weird, spooky costumes and make up and there you are.

But why is there so many people that are trying to tell everybody what the true Horror Punk is?

Well, it is the same thing like with heavy metal. All people are equal, but some are more equal than others! Some people just need to troll about what is the only truth in this or that or whatever.

Does that mean that your band is not horrorpunk because you don’t sing like Glenn Danzig? Nope, it just means you simply can’t please everybody.

Here is my advice: If everybody in your band is pleased with your music and your audience and fans are too but there is still a few who aren’t, WHO CARES? You don’t have to sound like the Misfits, like Blitzkid or any other better known band. Your band has to sound like your band. It has to do the songs you want and not the ones anyone else wants.

Always remember, the old word PUNK translates: „I don’t give a wet fuck about your rules, I do what I like!“


Cooperation: A Key To Success?


Today, my beloved readers, your humble host has another topic that, in my insignificant opinion, should not be ignored.


Too many bands, bookers, artists and alike do not like to cooperate. They try to keep their little corner of the sandbox free from any stranger. They only care about themselves and their particular projects. They only let those in who are a sure shot, who really mean profit for their own project. And also they would NEVER EVER support anyone who is not known well enough. And still they ask for YOUR cooperation whenever you do something they are interrested in. Their „cooperation“ is simply business, nothing else. If you are not of any use, they would not piss on you when you’re on fire!

Ok, people, here is my questions. Are you for real? Is this really what you want?

But then there ist another type of people. They REALLY cooperate, they REALLY interact. They keep you informed about everything that could be of use for you.  They even REALLY bring you in when someone is looking for someone who is somehow like you. In short words they are rather acting as friends then businessmen.

THOSE are the people you should hold on to, no matter what! THOSE are the people you should assist when assistance is needed.

And keep in mind, you always meet people twice in life and those, who you threw shit on before, may somewhen be in a position to throw some of that shit back on you… So be careful who you piss off, it could be someone who stops your ride on the downward spiral!