Telling Horror Stories… the right way!


Circus Rhapsody – Telling Horror Stories

Do you Ghouls remember that time when your humble Doctor was praising band named Circus Rhapsody? Do you remember how much I liked it? Well, here’s the good news. THEY’RE BACK! And they’re bringing along a new record.

And what a record that is.

The variety in music and styles is still there. It was even taken a good step further than before. You‘ll find the „typical“ Horror Punk styled songs (like T.H.S.M.W.T.E.I.W.) and the beforementioned experimental tunes (Factory, Haunted House), but this time they also add some classic Rockabilly (Lovers Lane, Monster Inn) and something that sounds like it was influenced by irish folk (Winchester). Sounds weird? Again? Really? Come on, Ghouls, haven’t you read my last review? Good, then let me say it: IT IS AWESOME! It’s a rollercoaster of styles with a bunch of pretty unusual instruments. It’s like walking a carnival with al it’s different rides.

The whol thing gives us 21 new tunes, a great mix of great music and shitloads of fun.

So, if you didn’t listen to their music yet, I strongly recommend you take care about that. And don’t do it somewhen in the future, DO IT NOW. Otherwise you should not complain about Horror Punk being all the same.

And the best part is, the guys are touring at the moment, so go and see them, if you have the chance. Here’s the dates:

01.11. Köln – Luxor w/ Wednesday 13
02.11. Hamburg – Logo w/ Wednesday 13
03.11. Berlin – Msik & Frieden w/ Wednesday 13
04.11. Prag – Futurum w/ Wednesday 13
06.11. Potsdam – Archiv
07.11. Hannover – Monopol
12.11. Chemnitz – Subway to Peter
13.11. Prag(CZ) – Napa Underground
14.11. Salzburg(AUT) – Traxla
18.11. Leipzig – Manfred
19.11. Tübingen – LU 15
20.11. Lahr – Rößle
21.11. Zürich(CHE) – Neugasshof Rockbar
22.11. Duisburg – Asta Keller
23.11. Flensburg – Hinkelstein (unplugged)
24.11. Schleswig – FKKZ
25.11. Flensburg – Schipperklause
26.11. Hamburg – Lehmitz
27.11. Ibbenbüren – Scheune
28.11. Ahrensburg – JuKi 42