The Happiest Place On Earth.


Yep, we’re talking about the Happiest Place On Earth, which is no other than Pacific Playland. You’ve heard about it, but now there’s a new attraction to hear when you go there.

Beloved Ghouls, nasty Fiends and other rotting funlovers, step right up, join the fun and come to hear the latest attraction, the new CD of Cirus Rhapsody.

The CD is a mix of a roller coaster, a bumper car ride and a ferris wheel for your ears. It’s got ups and downs but never gets boring. It takes your mind to places… eerie places… wicked places…

Mostly the songs stick to the standard Horror Rock / Horror Punk standards. Punk Rock riffs, bunch of „Wohooo“ backing vocals and so on and so forth.

Oh, wait, I already can hear you nag: So it’s just another typical Horror Punk record like we’ve had hundreds before….

Nope, it is NOT! Circus Rhapsody took the whole thing some steps further. This piece of music is clearly influenced by american Punk Rock (like Green Day) and more experimental stuff (like System Of A Down or Viza). Sounds weird to you? Sounds fucking great to me. Those guys know how to give a shit about standards and taking the whole thing to a new level. Not only they’re playing sounds way off that typical Horror Punk thing, they also use instruments that nobody expected. I mean really, would you have expected an accordion on a Horror Punk record? I wouldn’t!!!! But your humble host, the Dead Doctor, has news for you. IT SOUNDS FUCKING GREAT!!!!!!

My personal favourite on this piece is… hard to find. Ok, Talk to the Dead is some kind of a favourite, but not the only one. The whole record is awesome!!!

But hey, we’re talking about Pacific Playland, so there’s got to be more than just an awesome record. AND THERE IS.

This record comes with two different covers, one for boys (shown below) and one for girls (go, check yourself). And I don’t mean only the front cover, I mean the whole thing. Different colours, different design. LOVELY!

All in all your beloved Dead Doctor can only recommend this CD to you. Go, get it, buy it, don’t rip or steal it!!!! This band deserves all the support it can get. I am already looking for more….

Join the Circus Rhapsody ride at Pacific Playland!!!!!