Dr. Hell – When I Was Just A Little Ghoul

Ok, beloved Ghouls, Franconia has more to offer than the well known Dead United or your favourite THEM!. Franconia also has Dr. Hell, a bunch of cheeky young punk rockers from Bloody Island.

So, let’s talk about another pack of rockres from the New Breed Of German Horror Punk. Your humble host, the Dead Doctor, has been listening to their selfreleased debut „When I Was Just A Little Ghoul“ and to put it in simple words, he liked it.

Dr. Hell offer a pretty upright sound, harsh punk rock riffs, straight rythms and raspy vocals. They do not stay with complex tunes and they don’t linger on playful ingredents. They simply march their way on a direct line to their destination, and this destination seems to be the hellish eclipse of rock’n’roll.

If you go and see them, do not expect any kittenish guitar solo or tricky drum fills, expect what it is: A straightforwart kick in your face with a heavy boot called Rock’n’Roll.
Make sure not to miss them, if you have the chance.

The Dead will return, the whole world will burn!


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