Graveyard Rodeo

Ok, beloved ghouls, all of you have heard about it, most of you have been there. So what is to say about the Graveyard Rodeo?

Well, your humble host, your beloved Dead Doctor, had the chance to play there, which is a double premiere because it was not only THEM! playing their premiere Graveyard Rodeo but also the event took place in Leipzig for the first time.

And it was simply great.

I am not going to talk about the bands who where, in simple words, brilliant. Alexx Sleaze, the founder and main organiser of that event, chose some really great artists to perform. Nobody expected less than that and he achieved success in every point.

What I want to talk about is the people being there. Everybody was kind, nobody, musician or not, showed any inappropriate attitude of any kind. Everybody was there for everybody. Even if the crowd did not rave in extacy with every band, they at least showed their respect and approval for what the artists did on the stage. The people selling merch took care for each other and it was all in all a great night.

I’d like to thank everybody who was there, everybody who brought this series of events to the next level, everybody who welcomed the artists, known or unknown.

And I pity all of those who haven’t been there… but hey, there will be another Graveyard Rodeo going on… don’t miss it!


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