Dead United Live

Yes, your humble host, the Dead Doctor, has been there, seen it. He has experienced the horrors spread by the bunch of fiends called Dead United.

What to say about those franconian freaks? First, they are cheeky as hell.

Dead United don’t give a wet fuck about convetions, they do it for the fun of it. They take the word PUNK in its true form. They mix their own songs with cover versions and are even not afraid to perform a really hot version of the well known Time Warp.

When performing live Dead United are like a really weird mix of classic Horror Punk and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, spiked with a good amount of insanity. Not only the band itself creeps the stage, no, they are accompanied by a bunch of henchmen, mummies and the well known Dr. Horror who leaves his wicked tomb for their shows.

Your beloved Dead Doctor knows that some voices are croaking about them not being „true“ Horrorpunks, but hey, who gives a fuck?

Dead United guarantee a good time filled with weird romance, blood, gore and ripped out bowels. If you get the cance to see them, move your rotting corpse out to watch and listen to that bunch of freaks rocking the stage!

Stay Ghoul


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