Contra Light Records – Home of the New Breed

Today, my willing readers, I want to introduce a record label to you. I am talking about Contra Light Records, the home of a new breed of horrorpunk bands.

The Label is based in Leipzig, Germany, and was founded in October 2007 as a department of the Oi and Punk label Contra Records. In 2011 it turned autonomous and is managed exclusively by Soiche, who was working for Contra Records before.

So much for the facts, but there is more behind it than simple facts.

The most important thing to say is, Contra Light is a label that really cares. It cares for its customers, it cares for his artists, it cares for the horror. Contra Light has released and supported a variety of horror punk bands. They have started with The Fright, took care for the Crimson Ghosts and Dead United, and recently released some fine russian horrorpunk bands like Braindead or Romero’s Nation. They also run a webshop where they offer a diversity of really fine horrorpunk related products. And yes, CLR isn’t even afraid in supporting absolute newcomers like your humble hosts own band THEM!

But not only the artists are cared for, CLR also really looks after the customer. Not only the shop is run diligent, also the average fiend is fed with all information that CLR can provide. A newsletter is sent out when new releases or other stuff is to be promoted.

To put long things short, CLR does what others only promise. Make sure to check them out.

CLR Homepage



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