THEM! – …Risen From Perdition

Question: Is it ok to review your own work?

Answer: WHO CARES?

But your hubmle host doesn’t want to boast about something he took part in creating, so I will give the word first to the Marquis DeBlood, founder of the horror punk community

Hailing from Nuremberg comes the debut release „…risen from perdition“ by THEM! These fledgling monsters scare it up frightfully on this 5 song EP. Kicking off with the racious „There For Your Blood“, Then into the pogo fueled „Atomic Giant Lizard Thing“. THEM barrage the listeners senses with unrelenting, claw flailing fury all the way through to the closer, „We Are The Ghouls“. Ably fronted by Dr. R. U. Pickman and backed solidly by Jack Killmore, Lawrence T. Caterwaul and Maneat Pete. THEM! take you on a journey to eternal punishment and damnation. With catchy riffs and hooks, these ghouls really know how to bring it. I forsee a great future for these zombies. With killer packaging and amazing artwork, the only draw back is that the EP is too short. It definitely makes you „Feel the Hunger Inside“ for more. Overall, „…risen from perdition“ is a fun filled blood fest that will make a great addition to your horror-punk collection. Hell, Hell might not be such a bad place after all!

Well, such nice things said about our first release and we are really proud about that piece of work we did. We are another band of what your humble host calles the New Breed Of German Horror Punk. We see ourselves among the new breed of ghoulish bands that spread the horror in this still unsuspecting country. And yes, your humble host, your beloved Doctor, is proud to be part of this movement.

So take your time and check us out, maybe show up at one of our gigs, we promise to give you a really ghoulish time!

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